+ Today marked the day where i finally met Q, this was her first trip to Los Angeles (Q is from Melbourne, Australia) She is also passionate about photography as i am, we’ve been in contact for the last 2yrs always sharing our visuals with one another through all social network outlets, emails etc. Through sharing our work and helping one another if we needed advice about photography, we always found a way to help one another out to become better at what we love. Today Nov. 17th we met up at Santa Monica Pier where i went when i first bought a camera, it also felt like the first time. I was overwhelmed because i haven’t been out to photograph on my own or with someone who was great at it in so long that i fell in love with photography again (not that i ever lost love, it just recharged a lot of creative juices). I’m pleased to have been connected with her and connecting in a greater form than just small talk, nothing greater than to connect with someone through the form of creativity. Language or color barriers don’t exist, just minds clashing in the greatest form and bringing more to life through art. It was an amazing experience and i hope she enjoyed learning, capturing as i did. Im grateful for those few who make a impact in my life… Thank you Q.